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So the quickest way to answer that is basically as much as possible to help you tailor your fantastic bike to your own needs.

The idea for T7 was thought up when we realised that the production 700 Tenere would be a different beast from the T7 concept bike that we fell in love with. Lee and I wanted to build them for ourselves, and in reality we would not expect Yamaha to put that into production as they need a product that has mass market appeal in the real world. So both being engineers we would build it ourselves and document our journey on this site. Fast forward to today 8th August 2019 and having been inundated with messages on Facebook wanting parts as well we decided to turn it into a "thing" and run as a shop.

We hope you like what we are up to, if anyone has any ideas about things they want to see for their bike then please do let us know, we have loads to do and so many ideas already but you, our fellow T7 riders are the best people to let us know what you want.

We hope you like our take on the parts we are going to be making, thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to meeting you out on the trails !!!

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